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2 Dec, 2013

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Inspired by a PSA created through Psyop’s non-profit initiative, Establishment for the Greater Good (EGG), Nightmare: Malaria drops players into the bloodstream of a young girl infected by malaria. Players make their way through 18 levels of fever-dream visuals, avoiding killer mosquitoes and collecting hard-to-reach teddy bear tokens along the way.


In support of raising awareness and funds to battle malaria, Emmy award-winning production company Psyop created Nightmare: Malaria, its first game for Android and iOS, through a partnership with the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), ranked the #1 most effective charity by Give Well, The Life You Can Save and Giving What We Can.

Making a game is not a simple undertaking. While Psyop is known for creating incredibly complex and lushly detailed CG worlds, to create a game like “Nightmare: Malaria,” they needed an expert. Brian Kehrer was their man. As a co-founder of Muse Games, Kehrer directed Guns of Icarus Online, a 32-player, airship combat game, which recently won “Best 3D Artistic Experience” at the Unity Awards.

Brian left Muse and joined Psyop to create games that tapped into Psyop’s penchant for visual storytelling. “Nightmare: Malaria” is a proof of concept that Psyop can do exactly that, entirely in-house.

“This is not another advergame,” commented Kehrer, Technical Director of “Nightmare: Malaria.” “We focused our efforts on creating a visually rich and enjoyable, if disturbing, experience.”


  • Survive 21 levels of fever-dream visuals through two worlds: Blood and Brain.
  • Save the stranded teddy bears on every level to advance.
  • Avoid killer mosquitoes using your wits and the safety of mosquito nets.
  • Featuring the voice of Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon.
  • First iOS game created by Emmy award-winning studio Psyop.
  • Completely Free!

Selected Articles

  • "Before you dismiss it outright on the grounds that it’s fighting the good fight, I have to say it looks like a compelling experience in its on right—sort of like Limbo with sinister mosquitos instead of that amazing Hitchcockian spider scene. "
    - Jason Johnson, Kill Screen
  • "Narrated with equal parts delicacy and force by Susan Sarandon (who agreed to participate after Psyop’s repeated pleas finally coincided with an opening in her schedule), the moral of the fable is that such suffering and fear can be avoided with a simple bed net. An 18-level mobile game, in which players avoid killer mosquitoes and collect teddy bear tokens amid fever-dream visuals, further impresses how diabolical malaria can be."
    - Rae Ann Fera, FastCompany Co.Create
  • "Nightmare: Malaria launched on 'Giving Tuesday', December 3. In one week, there have been 102,000 players, playing 145,000 sessions, with an average session length of 5 minutes, 9 seconds. "
    - Brian Kehrer, Gamasutra


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About Psyop Games

Psyop Games is part of Psyop, an Emmmy award-winning commercial production company specializing in animation and visual effects.

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Nightmare: Malaria Credits

Psyop Games
Design and Development

Brian Kehrer
Lead Developer

Jordan Harvey
Development and Design

Naomi Chen
Art Direction

Susan Sarandon

Lucia Grillo
Executive Producer

Justin Cone
Executive Producer

Ave Carillo

Q Department
Music and Sound Design

Kelly Girth

Color NY
Sound Recording

Pedro Lavin
Concept Art

Stephanie Russell, Eric Chou
3D Animation

Alexander Dietrich

Sean Martin
2D Animation

Will Adams
User Interface

Cass Vanini

Fabio Piparo

Bryan Eck, Alexander Dietrich

Zed Bennett, Sean Kealey